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Andy Reid Outcoached Another NFL Head Coach Last Night!

The Donovan McNabb ceremony was the best part of last nights stinker.

The Donovan McNabb ceremony was the best part of last nights stinker.

Last night’s Eagles game was obviously sloppy in every facet of the game for the Birds. One thing I did not expect, however, was Chip Kelly getting badly out coached by Andy Reid. Big Red seemed to find glaring weaknesses in the Eagles match-up and exploited those problems. Here are my observations from last night:

1.) Michael Vick played like I would have expected. Michael Vick is not the problem on this football team and, if anything, has been a big part of the solution for the first 2 games. But let’s be honest and unbiased about Michael Vick: he is a mediocre starting QB that can occasionally play stretch of games like a superstar, can win you a game alone with his big plays, and has a huge arm. But his body of work in the NFL has screamed for a long time now that he is not elite on a consistent basis, makes far too many mistakes over the course of a full season, and after a series of big games is prone to the stink bomb in a major way. Michael Vick did what he always does last night. He is a nice player with occasional greatness. Sometimes more, never less.

2.) Looked like the Chiefs were just simply more prepared and wanted this game more. Take that for what you will. I don’t typically like to justify non-quantifiable, subjective intangibles, however it just seemed like Reid wanted the game bad and his players fed off of that. Remember: Reid was always beloved in Philadelphia by his players. Seems like the Chiefs have really taken to him and it is showing on the field.

Michael Vick struggled last night behind a bad O-line performance.

Michael Vick struggled last night behind a bad O-line performance.

3.) Pass rush was a little better last night. Not much else to say, as the defense was certainly better than the Chargers game, but I always had the sense that when the Chiefs needed a play they made the play. I feel the rest of the league shares that sentiment.

4.) Seemed like Jeremy Maclin was missed a lot last night. Saw Mike Gill from ESPN radio mention this, and I completely agree. Riley Cooper was misused or overexposed last night, choose your verbiage. He simply could not get open against those corners, and he was targeted 7 times. Reid and his defensive coordinator did a nice job of closing off DeSean Jackson last night with a safety over the top.

5.) To not mention the offensive line getting mauled last night is doing a disservice to Vick above. They certainly did not make Vick’s life easier last night with their sloppy and passive play. Lane Johnson is a nice player, but when the Birds are bad enough to get 4 wins the year before, don’t you want a big time player and not just a good starter? He could prove to be a Tra Thomas and have a lengthy pro bowl filled career, but he seems to be just a good starter at this point. I ao agree that it is much to early to tell, though, and that patience are needed all around this team.

6.) Is it me or did the Brian Dawkins on the field move feel like the Eagles were saying “Now we know there won’t be any boos, because no one will boo B-Dawk.”? Either way, it was a nice ceremony but I still feel like it should have waited another year or even two.

7.) Denver looms in week 4. This is going to be a 1-3 team. Period. Bet the money-line no matter how overpriced it is, because you will win money.

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  1. This is a bad team. They look bad, they play bad, they’re coached bad. I only gets tougher fro here on out. This team would be lucky to reach 6 wins this year.

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