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DeSean Jackson Believes Michael Vick Will Win Eagles QB Competition

Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson appeared on ESPN’s First Take this morning and proclaimed that he believes Michael Vick will win the Eagles quarterback competition over Nick Foles.  His exact words, “In my opinion, honestly, I don’t want to be put on the spot, but Michael Vick’s got a lot of confidence in himself. He’s been there going on 12 years in the NFL and I think he’ll get the job.”  Jackson went on to say, “I think Michael Vick will probably be the starter, but we still don’t know. I think Chip Kelly’s going to keep everybody honest.”

So first off, if you have to start off with “I don’t want to be put on the spot”, you know you shouldn’t blurt out what’s coming out of your mouth next.  Jackson also went on to throw Andy Reid under the bus for not utilizing Vick’s skill set and mobility, though it was in support of new coach Chip Kelly being able to use Vick in a way that would maximize such talents.  Long story short, DeSean Jackson needs to shut up… and definitely shouldn’t be rapping.

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