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Eagles-Giants Friday Preview + Prediction

The Eagles and Giants are not exactly powerhouses this year

The Eagles and Giants are not exactly powerhouses this year

The biggest news coming out of Eagle-ville this week involved Chip Kelly and the USC job. I say, get used to it. If Kelly continues losing in his first season and high profile jobs become available, he will be linked to every single one. It’s a high compliment, however it could become a distraction. I felt like Kelly did a good job this week of squashing ruomrs of the USC job swirling around him. After all, they were simply rumors created by a reputable football writer. Other than that, here are the pertinent news stories and players to watch for Sundays 1 PM kick off against the NFC East rival Giants:

1.) Look for David Wilson to have a good game, fantasy owners. I feel a big game against a weak Eagles run defense. Any defense. Random question while we discuss the Eagles defense as well: Why is Issac Sopogoa not getting any playing time? Why did they pay this guy (and James Casey) to sit on their asses? Mentor roles? Freshness down the stretch? Is there a disconnect between Kelly and Roseman already? PS: David Wilson is on my wife’s fantasy football team that I drafted for her. She is 2-2 and looking good for this week again. My two teams? A combined 2-6 and headed nowhere unless my huge Fred Jackson game last night can get me back in the W column after 3 straight L’s. My wife’s take: “I’m not letting you pick my team again, and your no longer welcome to help me set my lineup.” So there’s that.

2.) Look for Shady to again have a big game. The Eagles are currently ranked #1 in the NFL in rushing offense, averageing 198 yds per game. Polk and Brown may get involved too, and Vick will certainly see his opportunities when the play breaks down and he scrambles free of the pocket.

3.) Unreal, but Alex Henery is on the hot seat. This guy a year ago was pretty much money, now he can’t buy a kick. If he has a couple of misses this weekend and it costs the Eagles big time, look for the Birds to add a free agent kicker of the veteran variety.

4.) I feel like Zach Ertz and James Casey get more involved this weekend. The Eagles leading YPC receiver? Zach Ertz, at a robust 22.4 yards per catch.

5.) Prediction: Can the Eagles really go 1-4 with this offense? I don’t think so, but then again my predictions have left a lot to be desired this year in terms of Eagles games. College and NFL games (non-Eagles variety) have been sharp, and the Duke has been on fire. So proceed with caution is all I can really say for this Eagles pick, but I am going to say Eagles 31-17. The Giants are a mess. Coughlin will probably be gone after this year (not totally fair or his fault) and they need talent worse than the Eagles need talent. Eli Manning has looked average at best this year, and they have not yet generated a running game. This all spells doom for the Hoboken Midgets. 31-17. Book It! (If you dare…)

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