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Eagles-Giants Monday Morning Recap: Good to Be Back in the Win Column?

"Elf" might get a lot of burn on my television after Thanksgiving if the Eagles are out and my fantasy teams keep sucking.

“Elf” might get a lot of burn on my television after Thanksgiving if the Eagles are out and my fantasy teams keep sucking.

Yes, yes I already know. But isn't my crappy team the object of your humor? No?!

Yes, yes I already know. But isn’t my crappy team the object of your humor? No?!

I spent a very busy weekend pondering a lot of things. It was my three year wedding anniversary on Friday, so I spent Friday thinking about what we do that evening. I spent Saturday pondering my sanity as I watched my daughter and my very young cousin while my wife worked and my aunt and uncle went to a wedding. Then I spent Sunday pondering whether I had enough food for my daughters birthday party and whether everyone was having a good time. I spent little time pondering the final score of the Eagles-Giants game. On Friday, as you may recall, I predicted an Eagles win. As the weekend continued to zip by, as they all do, I kept thinking the Giants were going to win and I was a “homer” for picking the Eagles again. I also thought, do I even want the Eagles to win this game? After Sunday, the answer is clear. It is the most difficult thing in the world to say you want your favorite team to lose as you are watching the games, especially early in a season where you feel just a glimmer of home. And the next game is easy. And everyone in the division is crappy. And when you can’t possibly fathom watching “Elf” more than 16 times in the month of December on your couch in the cold northeast, but nothing else will be on TV other than possible fantasy game implications. Anyone who reads this blog knows my struggles there so far, so “Elf” could be busy on my television screen post-Thanksgiving. Regardless of whether I wanted the Eagles to win or not, they did beat up on the pythetic Giants and improved to 2-3 with the NFC East belonging to them in the process after the Cowboys and Romo had their guts ripped out. And I was happy for another Sunday afternoon. Here are a few of my observations:

1.) Nick Foles looked good. Let’s not “crown him” after a part of one game. Chip Kelly intimated if he played well he could win the job, but it is Vick’s job for now, despite the fact that Howard Eskin and Adam Schefter are reporting that Vick will not play Sunday vs. the Bucs in Tampa.

2.) Vinny Curry again looked good. All I can say is: play this guy more!!! He always looks good.

3.) Why didn’t the Giants run the middle slant on every play, because it’s obvious the Eagles can not cover that play to save their asses. And they have Victor Cruz as the perfect weapon in which to do so!

4.) Nice bounce back game from Alex Henery to save his job. (For now)

5.) Nice running by Bryce Brown. Nothing flasy, just good football running.

6.) The Eagles have as many interceptions through 5 games as they did all of last season.

7.) Zach Ertz continues to make big catches and big plays. Love his potential.

Douchy Fantasy Update (Cuz really, no one gives a shit about your fantasy team but its an ongoing funny joke in this space now) : My ESPN team is in a battle that I could win with a big Julio Jones and Matt Bryant game. I’m down 12 and my opponent still has Bilal Powell. No Bueno.

In my CBS league with the Duke, we had a huge victory to put us at 2-3. No real help from MJD (that’s Maurice Jones Drew, not Michael Jason Deluca).

And finally, my wife could move to 3-2 if Jacquizz Rodgers does not have more than 8 points tonight! Vindicated, my friends. Vindicated.

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