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Monday Morning Eagles Re(cr)ap

I suppose it would be too easy to say, “See, I told you Peyton Manning was gonna dominate” and feel like I was telling you something you didn’t already know. So I won’t. Just know that PCP Sports as a whole and myself have now given you some serious money making picks the last few [...]

It’s Wedding Season! The Eagles-Broncos Friday Preview + Prediction

Week 4 of the NFL season is upon us all, which can mean only one thing: It’s Wedding Season! This season, I have 3 weddings, equaling my career high for a single season. And if you stop and think about it, weddings are a lot like an NFL game: everyone loves them! So says a [...]

Peyton Manning Will Throw 10 TD’s vs the Eagles Defense! (And He Knows It)

Everone who watched last nights Monday Night Football game between Denver and Oakland understands that Denver is very good this year with versatile running backs and receivers/tight ends who can hurt you in every way. Everyone who watched the Eagles-Chiefs last Thursday knows that the Eagles have a problem with every secondary position and can [...]

The Bizarre Case Of Aldon Smith and the rest of the Weekend NFL Recap

Tonight, Week 3 will officially be in the books, and some very interesting developments came out of yesterdays games. Without further ado, let’s dive right in: 1.) The 49ers got beat yesterday and they were beat good by the Colts. (Note: That game was predicted by yours truly, and PCPSPORTS.COM as a whole is on [...]

Eagles Draft Talk

By Mike Gill With the NFL draft just 17 days away, draft talk is heating up and with the Jay Culter trade, coupled with the Giants releasing Plexico Burress rumors are flying about what will happen at the top of the draft.  Earlier today, I had my weekly chat with president Scott Wright to [...]

Thursday Night’s Game

By Tom Peters As I was getting excited watching the election returns and finding out my guy and gal lost, I almost forgot that there was a game Thursday. As is custom for all Thursday games, I will only pick this one and give the rest of my picks for the week later on. Denver [...]

NFL Power Rankings – Week 10

by Michael DeLuca The Titans remain undefeated,  The Brady Quinn era begins in Cleveland, and Jason Campell finally throws an interception…and then another one.  Many questions to be answered: Can the Titans duplicate last year’s miraculous Patriots feat?  Are the Dolphins the class of the AFC East?  What the heck is Al Davis doing now?  Here are your NFL [...]

NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

by Michael DeLuca The craziest season in recent memory continues as the Cowgirls get spanked sending Jim Haslett to a 2-0 record as head coach of the Rams.  Trend seems to be ”if you get blown out one week, you’ll blow somebody else out the next…and vice versa”  Just ask the Panthers, Jets, Giants, Buccaneers, and Colts.  [...]

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