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Fantasy Football: Round 1 – How Should It Really Go?

by Michael DeLuca I’ve been seeing some crazy mock drafts out there with guys like DeMarco Murray and Matthew Stafford going in round 1.  Don’t get me wrong, both could have monster years, but round one is no time to start reaching, especially when (depending upon where you’re drafting both should be available in round [...]

Fantasy Football: First Round Pick – McFadden or Johnson?

by Michael DeLuca OK, so I’ve been overloaded with work this year and have had literally zero free time.  The way my league chooses the draft order is through a system of the previous season’s standings.  I had the choices of 4 through 10.  Now, knowing nothing at this point, I should have done some [...]

The Duke’s Picks – 9/25/2011

by Michael DeLuca —————————————————————————- 1:00 Houston Texans +4.5 NEW ORLEANS SAINTS If the Texans want to prove they are for real this is the type of game that could show they’ve made it over the hump. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES -8.5 New York Giants No Manningham, banged up D, Philly coming off a road loss… look for [...]

2009 Ultimate Fantasy Football ADP

by Michael DeLuca Back by popular demand, the 2009 Ultimate Fantasy Football ADP! Once again, I’m baffled that the average draft positions can vary so greatly from one site to another.  With a sample size of 10,000 plus drafts there really should be more consistency. I did realize one reason for the discrepancy though; On [...]

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