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Where Does Vick Rank Amongst His Piers?

I would even take this moron over Vick. sad but true

I would even take this moron over Vick. sad but true

Yes, i would trade any 3 players and any 2 draft picks for this guy

Yes, i would trade any 3 players and any 2 draft picks for this guy

Michael Vick is often polarizing to the media. He is polarizing to fans. (Or if you believe the results of a poll that came out this week, most fans do not like him) He is also polarizing to the national QB argument, so it would stand to reason that he is also a polarizing figures amongst fans in his own city. But where exactly does Vick stand among his peers in the NFL? Should the Eagles really explore upgrading this offseason? How many guys would you rather have right now and in the future? Is there a free agent option? Let’s go by tiers:

The First Tier (The Superstars):

Peyton Manning
Tom Brady
Aaron Rodgers
Drew Brees

These are the guys that hang up on you when you call and say their names. It doesn’t matter how drunk you got their GM at the least league meeting, it is not happening. Michael Vick is not in this list.

The Second Tier (All Pro’s, Non-Superstars):

Matt Ryan
Joe Flacco
Tony Romo
Eli Manning
Matthew Stafford
Ben Roethlisberger
Phillip Rivers
Jay Cutler

These next guys vary in ability, but some of these guys have super bowls (Ben, Eli, Flacco), some have made pro bowls (all on this list), and some have already put together huge statistical years so they can no longer be lumped in with the “too young” or “potential” crew. Eli is having a rough year, but I’d still take him (and Roethlisberger) over Vick. I think I’d take Romo, Cutler and Rivers over Vick, as well. Cutler and Rivers are close but win out. That is a top 12 thus far through 2 tiers.

The Third Tier (The Young and The Potential):

Andrew Luck
Russell Wilson
Colin Kaepernick
Cam Newton
Ryan Tannehill

These guys aren’t getting traded. And, I’d take all of them for Vick straight up and thrown in any other 2 players and/or draft picks on the team hands down without blinking with the possible exception of Tannehill. I was close to adding a couple more players (Geno Smith, EJ Manual, Terrelle Pryor) but just have not yet seen enough to justify them in this conversation. Tannehill was fringy. We now have 18 QB’s I would take over Vick (or Foles).

The Fourth Tier (The Average, Fungible NFL QB):

Carson Palmer
Michael Vick
Alex Smith*
Sam Bradford

Alex Smith was very close to being bumped up, however I just can’t get over the stink of his first few years or his rag arm. He is a nice player, and probably interchangeable, if not skill set equivalent. So there we finally have Vick, mired amongst journeyman like Carson Palmer. While he does inspire a bit of confidence, he is almost like a Matt Stairs in baseball: a false set of confidence due to hitting home runs in big spots due to a small sample size.

The Rest:

The Rest…..sorry, do we even care other than Nick Foles?

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